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Are you still considering making the votes public? I think you should.

You have an Amalek problem here and he's going to make 100 usernames and trash the site, just like he did to Voat.

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No we figured out other ways to detect and remove these people. The new "no self-upvoting" rule we just put in to place solves most of these issues so we're not going the public vote records right now. However we will make the modlogs public, I'm working on that right now.

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I don't know what modlogs are yet but it sounds good going public.

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We finished that project, I'm going to announce it soon. They're the logs of all the activity by the moderators in that subreddit. Shows things like bans, removals, etc. So having it public means everyone can see everything that's removed and so on, and every other action taken by the moderator. For example here's the modlog for this sub

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I'm all for 100% transparency too in all things except identity privacy.