RSAW, or the "Raw Saidit API Wrapper" is an API wrapper made in Python that allows easy access to Saidit's API. by JasonCarswell in SaidItBots

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Bot requests? by [deleted] in SaidItBots

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At present there are only 3 clear-ish bots I have in mind among a sea of possibilities.


1 Promoting The Rare

I believe this is the most important for many reasons, though it's the least immediately do-able without becoming clear and practical.

YouTube is censoring people, so SaidIt needs to become the central aggregator for the diverse decentralized truth-seeking community. What does this entail? I don't know yet. But we as a community need to discuss it. And if our super heroic Botman can step up and take on this challenge I'm sure we can figure this out (ideally in newer or regular posts (in /s/SaidItBots or /s/rsaw as you like) to get more community notice, interaction, and feedback).

We'll need to discuss:

  • creators (The Last American Vagabond, etc.)
  • platforms (BitChute, etc.)
  • bot naming conventions (/u/Topic_Bot or /u/Bot_Topic ?)
  • bot subs?
  • bot rules site wide (ie. make bots obvious)
  • bot grandparent exceptions for older extant bots (ie. bot naming conventions)
  • bot advice/guidelines
  • Do we want to release these bot tools/weapons to the public or should it they remain somewhat esoteric and limited within responsible hands?
  • It's only a matter of time before more and smarter bots descend across the Interwebs.

It would be great if /u/TheWebOfSlime could invite you to co-mod /s/SaidItBots. Also, ping /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr on this matter.

That's a decent start but I'm sure I've missed some things.


2 Corbett Report

Automatic posting of all new Corbett Report (and Corbett Report Extras) from YouTube.

Additionally great would be to have a comment with scraped link and platform info under "Show notes, links, comments:" and "Alternative platforms:" as I try to do on most TCR videos.

/s/CorbettCommenters already exists. Maybe a /s/CorbettReport_Bot or /s/Bot_CorbettReport sub should be created. Or not.

IMO, the bot should definitely be named /u/CorbettReport_Bot or /u/Bot_CorbettReport. IMO, all bots should be labeled as such. Here and now we can set the trend as to whether the bot comes first or the subject/topic/source.

I wouldn't mind dedicated bot-only subs where just bots may post while people can comment - but I don't see a great reason for it beyond OCD organizing (and with the chaos of subs, we're way past that). More importantly I think it's imperative that all subs that embrace bots should declare it in their sidebar - and of course declare when bots are forbidden in their subs.

Naturally, it's up to users to be more specific reposting these Corbett Report links in topical subs (ie. /s/conspiracy, /s/Agenda21_Agenda2030, /s/Surveillance, etc).

There are MANY other excellent content creators that certainly deserve this automated promotional treatment but we can iron out the kinks with one first, not necessarily Corbett, and then branch out, preferably with some community consensus.


3 Video Essays

Less important, but certainly clear in my mind, is a group of YouTube channels that create interesting high quality content on all kinds of subjects that can really only fit in /s/VideoEssays. Most of these content creators produce 1 or 2 videos a month, and with a dozen of these top notch channels automatically feeding the sub you might get a video a day. Naturally, the list of channels can be adjusted as necessary for whatever reasons.


Obviously I'm primarily interested in video content, and 2/3 is for truth-seeking, but beyond these 3 there is so much more potential and endless options. For now, this should be more than enough to mull over, and of course anyone is welcome to add their own top 3 practical bot development ideas.