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I disagree, I think it does make sense to post in country specific subs as when someone is looking for information related to that country (or topic), it's all contained in the sub.

I do think there are repeat or duplicate subs to topics.

I also am not a fan of posting the same thing in multiple subs as it just shows in the feed multiple times. Seems better just to choose one.

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Posting in multiple subs is good on Reddit, where many people may browse in some subs and not others, but on SaidIt, the entire site is about the size of a small Reddit sub, and combined with the fact that all subs are visible by default, this makes it so people tend to see a post on all subs it is posted to.

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Plus that allows people to subscribe to only the subs they have a specific interest in. I think it would help though if moderators would put links to related subs in their sidebar. I did that just now in the sub I moderate.

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I just post in my little sub. I know there have been members who appear to be inactive at this point, but created LOTS of subs for 'future expansion'.

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2) One person cannot moderate more than 40 subs. Creating multiple accounts to bypass this is not allowed.

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Honestly, I'm glad you know. However, for myself, life is too short to worry about Saidit rules, or anything that is outside of my own self development. What I try to practice is simple respect. Perhaps the member who had multiple subs was banned, or something, no idea.

Thanks for Sharing.

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I agree, because as it stands there are so many different places for people to post spam, and in many of these subs we have no idea if the creator is even around to moderate the space anymore.
For instance /s/Healthcare has been placed under my care, and I can keep spam out of it easily enough, but then there's also /s/Health.....why do we need both subs at this time?

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Is there a procedure to merge subs? Could be tidier than leaving them unmaintained...

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To my knowledge, there is not.

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It is good for having different moderators on different subs. Perhaps that should be a rule: One cannot moderate a sub which has a name synonymous with the name of another sub they moderate.

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There's also s/TIL and /s/todayilearned

Edit:no spam there or anything but still why do we need 2?

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I agree with the multi-post.
When you have a list of duplicates.. the same links could be "folded" into one item. You may have separate discussions (as fold-out links) under the item.

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This is the plan, to eventually allow all crossposts to be merged in to one post, that only appears once in the feed, but has comments from all the subs put together (and is sortable if you only want comments from one or two subs). Someone just has to figure out how to code this crossposting system.