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Sub muting is on the Todo list.

For now, you can change your home page in preferences to 'subscribed', and make sure you are unsubscribed from that sub.

You can also block users from your user page if you have interacted with them before... Kinda weird, we're gonna fix that part too.

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i'd prefer not to switched to 'subscribed' - that seriously limits what i can see. I'll wait.

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You are literally subscribed to everything, removing a sub limits only that sub.

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Great point. There's a caveat tho, he hasn't been auto subscribed to new subs that have been created since he joined. A SaidIt failure.

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Thats extremely discriminating against new subs and kills growth. That system HAS to go, particularly when you promote "you're subbed to everything."

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What is your ideal setup? We've been talking about moving back to the traditional reddit setup, with a default list of subs, and /s/subscribed as the home page.

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Sounds like a wiener to me!

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Cloning so many reddit subs was a mistake in my opinion. When a community is small you don't want to spread them thin across hundreds of barely used forums, it results in tons of no response posts which make it seem pointless and is the quickest way to lose new users back to reddit.

I think you should have chosen a few popular topics and created a basic group of maybe 20 or so subs for those and then let the users expand it from there by creating new niche subs as needed. This would have concentrated discussion and debate in those original subs and Saidit would have appeared to be a much more active community than it does now. Active attracts new users.

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Yeah it's half baked as it stands. However /s/home is essentially /s/all, so no one has really missed out on anything, unless they changed their home page preference.

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I am literally not. You can turn that off.

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My bad for assuming you weren't browsing in glorious best mode.

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A great many of us would like to do the same to you, but if we did or do you just pull the "censorship" card.

Please, please, please - Let me be someone you block! :D