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Hey there. Glad you're excited. You can find all of that stuff in reddit.less and theme-custom.less. You can find images by searching for their filenames.

I recommend only making changes using overrides in theme-custom.less so they are all in one spot and you can get updates from us.

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Ok, I successfully replaced the Saidit logo with a PortCity logo I made in like 5 minutes with this command: $ scp /Users/user/Downloads/portcitylogo.png reddit@x.x.x.x:/home/reddit/src/reddit/r2/r2/public/static/saiditlogo.png

And by looking at the saiditlogo.png file in ranger, I can tell it's the new logo I made now.

And then I did the css refresh, but the logo hasn't changed on my site. Any thoughts?

Also I'm a little confused as to what you mean by "making overrides in theme-custom.less." I did undo all the changes I made in daymode.less, because i understand what you mean about wanting to get updates from you. But how do I use overrides to make changes going forward?

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I see it! Maybe it's your browser cache. Just pop open the inspector and make sure 'Disable Cache' is checked when you work on it.

But how do I use overrides to make changes going forward?

Feel free to ignore this, but I recommend that you just only add new lines of CSS to the bottom of whatever .less files you want. Then if we change our styles earlier in the file, 'git pull' will still be able to merge the files, and your styles will remain intact.

So no editing, only adding at the bottom. You can copy and paste to the bottom all you want. It bloats the CSS files a bit, but dealing with CSS conflicts is no fun.