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drum roll ........................... IT'S WORKING!!! YAY!!! I almost can't believe it. I couldn't figure out how to run that script so I just looked at it on github and ran each line by hand (lol).

The only thing that looks weird is it thinks the front page is something called:


But honestly, after all this, I'm willing to live with that for a while.

Next question: when I try to turn on admin, it asks me for a one time verification code. I know this user is set as an admin in my config because early on my password alone turned on the admin. I must have flipped something on that made it start asking for this verification code thing.

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nice work!


You'll have to read through example.ini and override the appropriate settings in your development.update. This text is from 'brander_site' or 'brander_site_urlencoded'. You should check out all of the settings from 809 to 882, and from lines 1087 to the end, that's where most of the fun SaidIt stuff is.

when I try to turn on admin, it asks me for a one time verification code

That is setting 'disable_require_admin_otp'. If you remove it from development.update, it falls back to the value in example.ini which is false.

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Hey, just checking in. Everything is going well (that lounge flush is my best friend). Those brander_xxxx things are tricky. Changing some turns the site into a 503, but changing it back to brander_site fixes it again. I'm basically just figuring things out. Could you tell me where the appearance/design pieces are, like where 0eye the designer is changing images? Thanks so much again for all the help! I obviously couldn't do this without you. x

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You can't change any configuration parameters, on their values. And no changes to a sane value should cause a 503. Beware that after a reddit-restart or start, the site may throw 503 and be inaccessible for up to 3 minutes (cron jobs are overwhelming the system).

The appearance is all in .html and .less files. After you change .less, you've gotta run to rebuild css (in production mode, if uncompressedJs is false).

Images are in r2/r2/public/static.

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Could you tell me how to access these files in my server:

And also: where should I go to change the links in the footer?

Thank you!!

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The footer links are hardcoded somewhere (yuck), you can find them by searching.

This file

Is here: /home/reddit/src/reddit/r2/r2/public/static/css/theme-custom.less

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Here's where the footer links are (putting it here so I'll remember it!) Line 1234: /home/reddit/src/reddit/r2/r2/lib/pages/

Happy almost weekend ....

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Two issues I've run into in the footer:

Do you know how I can set up the mobile site, aka this link: (right now it just leads to nothing)

And right now this leads to subscribed: forbidden (

This is the link connected to the OffsiteButton:

So I'm not sure why it's forbidden?

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Do you know how I can set up the mobile site, aka this link:

Yes, you need to set up a DNS entry for this subdomain, and add the subdomain to your cert if you didn't already, then it will work. But note that's not the reddit mobile app or anything fancy, it's just an alternate theme with different CSS. You'd probably be better off investing time into having responsive CSS styles that work on the main normal site (there are some styles in place already that do this, but it needs improvement fo sho).

this leads to subscribed: forbidden

This is related to setting default_sr. So make sure this 'default sub' is to your liking (I think it defaults to frontpage), then make sure you create the index wiki page for that sub, then will work.

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Hi! How are you? Everything is going well. I tried out some of 0eye's changes (which you can see at , daymode). Can you tell me where in the files I can change the Saidit logo in the top banner and the little icons that appear when links don't surface an image? I know what I'm doing probably still looks very clumsy to you, but remember I was a complete noob at unix before I started working away at the reddit codebase, so I feel like all things considered I've come a long way (thanks to your help).

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Hey there. Glad you're excited. You can find all of that stuff in reddit.less and theme-custom.less. You can find images by searching for their filenames.

I recommend only making changes using overrides in theme-custom.less so they are all in one spot and you can get updates from us.