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Yeah your whole directory is owned by root. You should not be doing a sudo git clone, just a git clone, so user reddit owns it all. I'd delete it and re-do it.

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You nailed it. I had gotten into the habit of always putting "sudo" in front of every command because I was getting a lot of "permission denied" if I didn't do that, so yes, I did put "sudo git" while installing that git clone. So I just reinstalled the lounge, and it seemed to work.

Where I'm at now: when I load, it works ... but when I load the "unsafe scripts" it breaks the SSL and reverts back to http ... that loads the box on the right (which I think is the IRC client?) but it's blank and it says "reddit.local's IP address could not be found." I am positive I edited /etc/hosts to have my VPS IP point to reddit.local

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You should have zero "reddit.local" on your server. No need to add it to the hosts file or try to route requests using it.

You'll need to change a bunch of chat config to not use reddit.local instead. Anywhere you see reddit.local put instead.

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Ok, I'll do that but first ... did you see how I broke the UI while working on the rest of the admin config? I'm not sure but I think it was while I was working on this section: Set the default subs $ cd ~/src/reddit/r2 $ paster shell run.ini # paste the following, hit enter: from r2.models import * srs = [Subreddit._by_name(n) for n in ("pics", "videos", "science", "technology")] LocalizedDefaultSubreddits.set_global_srs(srs) LocalizedFeaturedSubreddits.set_global_srs([Subreddit._by_name('pics')]) exit()

Here's a pastebin of the section of the github I was working on when the UI broke:

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This is what I found when I ran grep reddit.local

reddit@redditclone:~$ sudo grep -r "reddit.local" /etc/
[sudo] password for reddit: 
/etc/letsencrypt/accounts/acme-{"creation_host": "reddit.local", "creation_dt": "2019-07-18T01:30:22Z"}
/home/reddit/vm fuse.sshfs rw,nosuid,nodev,user=reddit 0 0

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There are 4 mentions of reddit.local related to chat in the README. You need to update those 4.