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Lol, sorry. You know I didn't do that. I was literally out on a walk by the beach. But even if the test data code does have a bug, it doesn't matter right? Because presumably I and whoever uses it will eventually delete and filter all of it out. Thanks so much for testing it! Now I just have to fix this darn SSL problem and [everything else I have to do]. I really can't overstate how much I appreciate what you guys have done. Hopefully if I document my efforts here (and solves I find) it will help others who google and find my posts to install their instances.

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Oh no it doesn't matter at all. I just thought it was funny because I've never tried injecting test data after creating an account, only before. I was just laughing at the code's eccentricities, it has no bearing on the functionality of the site.

The SSL thing is not too bad, d3rr has the procedure down to a science, do it how he suggests. We have to do the SSL renewal every 2 months.

Thank you for documenting your path as you launch this! I'm sure it will help others who try and do the same in the future. The more that is documented, the better!

If you get stuck do not hesitate to ask for help! We're excited to help people set up more saidits