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The fact that I, a coding noob, was able to install it all twice (once with the testing data, and once without it, for my young nephew who is interested in coding) shows how good a job you did. I tried at first with the reddit codebase and kept failing because the login kept resolving to reddit.local even after I edited the /etc/hosts file every which way I could find ... but saidit installed beautifully, perfectly the first time!

That's extremely gratifying to hear! Thank you! /u/d3rr and I worked very hard to organize it as much as possible so other people can easily create their own saidit, so I'm glad to hear it worked for you!

He did indeed write that, you'll have to hear from him I guess to explain that part of the code. I think it just goes in a cron job though, and then you can forget about it forever. Not exactly sure