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Even though I've pressured you and questioned you I appreciate what you've done here as well and what you've done for the truther community with your research and interviews.

The reason I put so much pressure is that so many social media platforms are compromised by intelligence agencies and bad faith actors in general. I don't want to jump ship to other platform when the owners will just sell out to the secret society and we're stuck with another psyop/controlled opposition platform. So I will continue to question and put pressure but I think you've been doing good things and you have a degree of my trust at this point.


I'd still love to see saidit develop a video and image uploading option.

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^ ditto

We've discussed creating a supplementary mediawiki for SaidIt users where they can create articles, do projects, etc - as well as share media. It would be a separate site unless there's a way to crossover users somehow. There are also complications monitoring the media to secure it from infiltration, abuse, and corruption.