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Hey I uhhh sort of made that sub minutes before seeing this. Not cause I am one of those skeptics but just because I saw your (other post)[] and wanted to do it.

Ironically had the same name and all as the one you wanted to make.

Since I'm not actually one of the Holocaust skeptics and was just helping the situation would you like to help moderate it? You'd be in charge of most of the stuff and I'd just be there for general moderation.

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Thanks for making the sub.

I'm honored and grateful for the invite. I will accept. If you like I can make a banner and/or apply my CSS - after I get a new monitor and do graphics again. (Meanwhile I'm pushing a paint brush around.)

I'm far from an expert on the matter but you really don't need to be in order to see it's a scam - starting with the perpetual reparations thing that doesn't apply to all the other people in the camps - the 50 Holocaust museums on a continent across the ocean - yet there are no Native American museums in Europe, the utter impracticality of allegedly gassing and burning corpses, little mention of it before the 1970s, etc. etc. etc. - And then they do worse to the Palestinians. None of it makes sense under scrutiny.

Anyway, I won't be an active moderator unless I stabilize, and I that may never happen. I will peak in on things now and then but nothing timely nor reliably. If anyone includes my /u/username, and if my messages aren't piled up I'll get to it ASAP. Otherwise I'm working on 2 big projects (/s/BittersweetSeeds and /s/Trutherism101), hope to soon delve into /s/SaidItBots so I can spend less time surf-posting (and being distracted by all the wonders), and I aim to finish categorizing all the subs on SaidIt, only to upkeep them on occasion. I've only started with a lot to get through. Eventually I'll finish and start promoting the hell out of multi-subs for people to learn how to make themselves or they may help curate and manage the lists or just use them as an easier way to search for topical or related content. At that point I intend to let the info come to me with multisubs and bots configured - including the subs I'm "supposed" to moderate. (In my opinion the entire SaidIt community should moderate itself. At least now while it's small. In the future I'd like to see a /s/SaidItConflicts for public resolutions, though it may also be abused if not moderated. I try to think outside the box.) Of course, at that point I actually hope to be very busy with the 2 first projects.

I've noticed you have a level head and wisdom, of what I've seen. Feel free to look at my subs and ask to be co-mod on some if you like. Many are not mine though and I can pass on the request, as I'm joined only for now. I have a lot of graphics and some CSS to finish on those redecoration jobs before I'll un-mod myself from them.

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I'll send the Moderation invite since I forgot to do that already.

I personally don't lean one way or the other with the Holocaust's existence I acknowledge it happened but as you state the facts are fickle. I personally believe it happened but not at the magnitude that people state. No need to try and convince me as I won't listen to it as the Holocaust never happening is one theory I refuse to look into.

Go ahead and apply your CSS and make a Banner go ahead.

I have the sub set to be approved since it is a highly controversial topic so all posts/comments on it must be approved I'll try to stay upto date on that.

Subs that you moderate that I'd wanna help moderate:

/s/Voting_IsARiggedJoke/ - We all know shit can be rigged and people need to learn voting for elections isn't beyond rigging.

/s/canada - I am in fact Canadian (Insert Maple Syrup joke here) and it seems pretty conservative which fits my politics pretty well. Plus I need a place to post my Justin Trudeau Memes. Plus it seems the other moderators of it are active but not doing much with the sub so I'd try to fill in and help where needed.

Edit: Formatting

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So I added a bunch of rules that you can edit down as you see fit. If you don't I will eventually as it's wordy and excessive, but better to start safer than sorry. As far as the banner goes I'll have to think on it. Something simple, low key, and classy - not sensational. Feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind.

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I'll go edit the rules as I see fit, might out right change a few things so reviewing them tomorrow or something may be best.