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While 'love' is such a feeble construct when used as a noun: misused whimsically as promotion, propaganda and worse.

It becomes clear roaming this site that 'love' in the context of this Original Post is meant as a verb: It's the actions we all take, the reactions we make, and of course the whole HW and SW to make it all happen in the first place. The last in the equation are named last because they tend to been only seen at the beginning of the journey and taken for granted while traveling the saidit road, while they should leave a gong-like vibration when entering and leaving. Of course it should be noted by the layman that with the HW and SW there are the maintainers, it's nothing but some bits on a HD when not executed, run and 'patched' by the maintainers.

I hope and think that the usage and occasional complaints are taken as part of the verb dubbed love.

My flesh incarnation has sought long and wide for something to express it's journey of (almost a year now) into something easily transmitted over the /s/Internet and I did find something: someone to illustrate it through all the things that came and are to come..

Or as me, to paraphrase an encounter with The One: I love you! [EDIT: Not me on stage, it's me off stage]

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i fuckin love that show

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^ ditto