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Well conspiracies exist. I could list a hundred that even mainstream media acknowledges as true. Start with Russiagate, the excuses why Medicare for all won't fly, or the lies for perpetual war and the surveillance state.

If you don't look into it then you'll never know other perspectives that may make you change your mind.

I am 48 years old. I only looked into it a few years ago. It was the last "mind-bending" red pill I took. I didn't want to be an "anti-Semite" - even though I well knew about Jewish this and that, having lived in NYC, friends in Montréal and Vancouver, a half Palestinian girlfriend, Jewish cousins and an uncle, etc. I honestly wasn't interested in Nazis or war. Once you look though the logic of the myth falls apart pretty quickly.

And you learn there are 3 types of holocaust skeptics:

1) Those who are anti-Semitic. 2) Those who have looked into the actual history and details that don't add up. 3) Those who are both.

Unfortunately #1 and #3 make it bad for #2 who I'll wager far out number them.

Your fears are not unfounded, however, if Switzerland wants to drop a boot on SaidIt then we'll have to adapt and maybe even become decentralized somehow sooner than later. If Voat or Phuks get shut down permanently, along with all the other truther, alternative history, and historical revisionism sites, then we may have something serious to be concerned about.

I am curious what /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr think about this.