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Wasn't me. I'm pretty certain it was JasonCarswell because it's 1) way too long for no reason and 2) includes the word "classy" which he always uses to describe saidit

Also advertising on raddle is a tough sell, they hate us as much as voat does. They're ideologues, lost to their side, by and large. Which is why the post about an alternative has -11 points. They're locked in, they don't want to hear contrasting opinions.

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It just looks like a not good faith effort: author allegedly created two sockpuppets and upvoted himself, also inserted loaded words which would obviously not go well with left-wing raddle crowd: "SJWs"/"Soros"/"globalists".

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Yeah he's honestly terrible at writing things to convince people and completely didn't take in to account his audience, but I appreciate his effort.

One single paragraph would've done much more than moralizing for 8 paragraphs. People just need to know about saidit, they don't need a book to convince them about it... they either come here and like it, or they don't. Good luck convincing Jason that though... lol

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It's amazing how tone deaf people like this are.

Also completely unable to persuade people to his side despite having good arguments. Just a terrible, rambling writer.