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Yeah we're using an opt-out model rather than an opt-in model at signup. /u/magnora7 maybe we should explain this here?

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D3rr pretty much said it, we went with a model where everyone is auto-subscribed to every sub when the account is created, then you unsubscribe from stuff you don't like. We did this to help saidit grow faster and develop a site-wide community, and to make sure people aren't missing content.

It's similar to the RES 'filter' function, in that it's an opt-out system.

We think having to unsubscribe from some subs is less annoying than having to subscribe to most subs, so we designed it that way. We figured that'd be easier for the users.

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But at some point you'll have to change it. Eventually you will have many hundreds of subs, most of which people wont be interested in