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looks at own user name

looks at website name

As for the colours, what precisely does it mean by "compliant".

Saidit "failed" 1/4 tests - and thus, fails overall, apparently.

Fails standards made up by people who do work for these kinds of businesses, with headquarters in DC. Not exactly a group of people I'd be rushing to impress.

I understand the overall reasoning behind it - the visibility of text versus the background - and the contrasting colours, etc, I really do understand aesthetics (and even the potential for too much constast and long screen time to damage your eyes), but the way these people talk about their little created accreditation thing - just kind of gives off an aura of megalomania.

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You are quite visually impaired people friendly, indeed.

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That's presuming I know everything about a stranger I just met on the internet, so that's not really a mistake I bother worrying about.

Now keep in mind I did not say "fuck the visually impaired" either.

Obviously there has to be settings and standards that assist said people - but should we destroy all stairs and turn them into wheelchair ramps?

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No, we shouldn't. However, we should provide them alongside the stairs. I'm a screen reader user. I'm unable to subscribe to subs after unsubscribing from all. Perhaps making those actual elements would be ya know... something appreciated.

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Maybe you can use the page to subscribe instead. We do have an open issue with AdBlockers and the sub sidebar subscribe buttons, maybe that is affecting you too.

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Super constructive, glad I put in the effort to dispel this post, then.

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You must think you are really smart.

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I was just trying to be honest about what I thought of the company, my opinion of you or myself, didn't factor into it (but it does, the more you attack).