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I usually put my 2 cents with everything I post, as an attempt to foster conversation. Overall, I tend to agree with 'write' something, but participation is participation.

Sometimes, people feel like talking, sometimes they don't, and then sometimes, I guess they really don't want to talk with 'some people', lol.

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I like it as a news aggregator. Sometimes I just want to share and see other information submitted by people who aren't paid or looking to gain anything. I don't feel the need to discuss every post.

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    We've thought about requiring a 2-sentence "submission statement" with each post, that is a comment explaining why they posted it and why it matters. There are some subs on reddit that use this with seemingly good success

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    I'd be ok with some subs implementing this, but I don't think it should be a sitewide requirement.

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      posting hyperlinks isn't 'providing content'. It is spamming crap. You could write a bot to do it and post bare links every few seconds.

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      This would improve things a lot. anything to stop the posts with nothing but hyperlinks.

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      Some subs should add this as a rule. But I don't think the whole site should work like this. But in exchange, moderation should be more severe. I wish I could give you guys a hand with moderation but my hands are tied.

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      This is similar to what r/conspiracy did to wreck it. :-/

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      I thought it actually worked out for them pretty well. I wasn't a fan at first, but I think it worked.

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      Yeah, I was late to the game.

      It's probably an unjustified bias on my part.

      You're probably right.

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      The SS was the best thing that ever happened to r/conspiracy.

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      Yeah, I was late to the game.

      It's probably an unjustified bias on my part.

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      I don't post much, but the reason I'm posting it is often reflected in the words I chose for the title. Then I usually add a comment underneath, but once a discussion starts, that comment moves to the bottom.

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      When you make a link post there is no option to make any comment at submission time. Are you suggesting that when link posts are made the OP should also post a thread comment about why they posted it?

      There are plenty of examples here and on the other site where the link alone generates conversations. Posting a comment to go along with a link could assist with this.

      When you make a text post, there is a title section and a text section, so a title could go in the title part and the link and explainer could go in the text part.

      I think automated removal is a bridge too far.

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      Hmm, you're right, thought it was the same sys as Reddit with text optional. Should be easy to change.

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      This simply isn't true.

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      Which part of what I said "simply isn't true"?

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      Well, this site censors worse than reddit does. So why would anyone come here?

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      No. It doesn't. You can at least have a civil discussion here with people that hold differing beliefs.

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      If all you want to do is post hyperlinks, then don't come here, perhaps?

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      I will rectify this on my posts starting immediately.

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      In a general sense I agree with this idea, but I want to add that some links do speak for themselves, and do inspire comment. I think calling all links a "low effort waste of space" is a bit extreme.

      I personally don't need everything to be a debate.

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      100% agree with you.

      Some people use the site one way and for X reasons, some use it another way and for Y reasons. There is literally a voting system, things which are insightful or funny will rise to the top, things that get no votes won't.

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      Yeah, don't let anyone trick the owners into subverting our democracy.

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      I don't think a summary of link contents is needed. A lot of the posts I see are just not shit im interested in. No description beyond the title is needed for me to know if I'm interested in clicking or not. Sometimes shit is worth looking at, sometimes not, but requiring more bullshit to share a link doesn't help, imo.

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      This seems counter to the intentions of the site, which is supposed to nurture debate.


      I'd like automated removal of these low efforts waste of space.


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      The whole internet is normies. I used to love red conspiracy bc of the outside thinking. Even places like stolen history is partisan politics dweebs. Politics is for rich soap opera shows to make retards think they are smart. It's simple as that, distract from real issues and control narrative. The CIA even says that's what they do.

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      Maybe change the system to "vbulletin" can solve this.

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      I blame the pyramid of debate focus of the site. Pyramid of debate should be reserved for threads or subs that call for a fair debate. However, social media isn't about fair debate it's about people and people are sad, angry, emotional, liars, truthers, religious, secular, happy, and illogical and on and on. I feel like the mods of this sub want everyone to act and post like spock from Star Trek. Well sorry nobody is going to want to play in your sandbox if that's the focus.

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      I'm really happy with people who don't want to follow the site rules to go somewhere else.

      There are plenty of social media sites that encourage zero-effort commenting, and they've all turned to trash. You are welcome to them.

      You don't represent as many people as you think you do.