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So there is something that moderators are supposed to do, but it's OK if some of them don't do it? Not even because the community wants an inactive moderator, but just because they took the namespace when the website was released, and got a bunch of default subscribers and people who were just looking for a copy of their old subreddit. And there is nothing to stop abusive moderation either.

So you're accepting both extremes because it's easier?

You can make /s/SaiditRequest but base it on user discussions. Then review the arguments and make a change if there is some kind of consensus.

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So you're accepting both extremes because it's easier?

No we're taking a moderate position because it's worked out so far.

I am not making saiditRequest. That system was horribly abused and many subs were stolen by bad people using that system, I had it happen to me on reddit.

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there are also people (like me) who want to request anysub and everyreddit to make their list of moderated subs grow ridiculously. its one of the reasons why Powermods are a thing, redditrequest enables them

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Exactly. We want to avoid the whole powermod situation. It's another reason we have a 2-week waiting period between registering subs.