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Also I like how voat and raddle both happen to have "666" in their ranking, lol

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Voat is invite only at the moment? Fuck that, the second a platform thinks it has some exclusivity of ANY kind, i'm out.

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They're acting really weird lately with the secret investor and partnerships and Putt looking up and banning people that downvoated him.

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Yeah something is up. Look how badly their $5k/mo Azure licensing fees screwed them over. Now they're bought and owned, it seems.

Meanwhile we're chillin' at an average of $60/mo or so, because the site is designed so efficiently with open-source software. Saidit is a thing of beauty!

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When the big money comes knocking a lot of 'principled' people lose their principles. Keep that in mind.

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Yup, almost everyone has their price. Some can resist though. It's all about circumstance, and we're trying to create circumstances that lead us down a good path rather than a bad one.

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The people most likely to resist have these things in common: family, community, no significant debt, loving spouse, no major vices/addictions, offspring, religious convictions and religious community. Surprise, surprise these are the very things that the oligarchs systematically attempt to break, corrupt, subvert, demonize and erode.

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I haven't heard anything about this until now, so this is a guess.
I'd wager that they're trying to significantly reduce the shilling nonsense, and have decided that this is the best way to cull the sick, from the herd.

I would wish them good fortune.

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That sucks to hear. With the recent crashes, I wonder if it will end up going bankrupt?

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That was actually the reason I moved here, people were being assholes on Reddit and I was going to move to voat but it was invite only so I moved here. I think this place is better anyway

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Funny thing is, I registered at Voat late last year, and posted only one reply. I just went to log in to see if my account was still active, and found it's locked due to "security reasons". XD

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That is interesting.

Did something significant occur over there for them to respond in this way?

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I think they had some kind of law enforcement contact over threats. Right after that there was a "lets cool it with the threats guys" post. Something like that. Edit: whoops wrong thread. I don't know why they are invite only right now,

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Don't forget about OpieAndAnthony!!!! eye roll

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You missed notabug. it does even better. Check

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Oh right, I did forget that. They have a proof-of-work voting system so it's a bit different. I also didn't include hackernews, as it's also not quite the same either

[–]r721 3 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 0 fun4 insightful - 1 fun -  (15 children) is probably included there: redirects to

SimilarWeb says 97.92% 2.06%

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Oh interesting. What exactly is snew?

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I didn't use it much, but I think it shows removed reddit posts/comments somehow (among other content from reddit):

Snew attempts to undo reddit's pervasive censorship

Content is pulled directly from the reddit api and

So you can't call it an alternative, more like a reddit tool.

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Oh I see, so it's like reddit mirroring/backup tool to avoid censorship. That's cool. But yeah, not an alternative reddit platform like saidit. So I guess it really is fair to say we're the second-biggest direct reddit spin-off after Voat. Neat.

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As the operator of and snew I agree, saidit is bigger currently I expect.

I don’t log traffic, and can’t log traffic that originates on other peers in the long run anyway.

Congrats on the success of saidit.

To clarify: is a decentralized Reddit alternative that uses open source html/css from Reddit but whole new backend. is an anti censorship Reddit client that also uses open source html/css from Reddit but uses Reddit’s APIs and

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What up man. I'm a big fan of your work, ceddit and, especially your 'listing source' opt-in moderation model or whatever all of that is called. It is truly next level and elevating this reddit thing.

Where is a clear high level overview of notabug, especially the decentralization bits? Like the one page sales pitch. SaidIt is fixing to join some kind of federation or decentralization network someday.

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Thank you for the kind words.

Marketing isn’t my strong suit, and should probably nail down terms better. The way I like to talk about the model of moderation at notabug is “lenses”. Spaces are like sunglasses that protect your eyes from UV without darkening the sun itself. They can tint and color your view of the world without darkening the light of others. Is how I originally described it before I built it, details have changed but the goal remains the same. The sidebar of this space is my best attempt at an elevator pitch for spaces but hasn’t been updated in a while.

SaidIt is fixing to join some kind of federation or decentralization network someday.

That would be great, I want to look into ActivityPub support for notabug at some point, but I dislike how tied content is to server in that model and it’s something I’ve tried to avoid with nab.

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Oh hey goldf1sh! Glad to see you here.

Thanks for the congrats. I'm happy on the success you've had with notabug too and I imagine you will continue to see it grow as well. Reddit is falling apart and people are looking for alternatives, so it's sort of inevitable sites like notabug and saidit will continue to grow. The proof-of-work voting you implemented on the site is very novel, I think it has a lot of promise.

Glad we can co-exist. If there's ever a way our websites can team up to accomplish something bigger, let me know!

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I’m glad to see someone has taken the much more straightforward approach of taking open source Reddit and running with it. Multiple sites with different approaches to tech and policy is itself a form of decentralization even when not mediated by software.

It’s been convenient having an active open source instance of Reddit running to inspect to compare against for some things. Like I want to do /rules pages and /.compact support on notabug at some point and I’ll probably just use saidit as a reference for that.

Curious to hear how your experience has been with running a Reddit instance, my impression was that Reddit was optimized for an environment assuming many VMs and much AWS infrastructure to run effectively (I.e. inefficient and costly to run at smaller scales) but I never messed with it much beyond a local VM setup.

A goal of nab has been to make it cheap as possible to run peers, and currently the site is running on 2 $5/mo VMs

I like what you’ve done with voting here too (replacing downvotes), it reminds me a bit of slashdot and slashdot is to reddit what Reddit is to saidit.

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Thanks. I always figured, what's the point of all this open-source code if no one ever uses it?

Multiple sites with different approaches to tech and policy is itself a form of decentralization even when not mediated by software.

I couldn't agree more. That's why I like notabug and other "competitors" to saidit. Together we form a network that itself is distributed. You're more than welcome to replicate any rules we have here, I think our system has worked out pretty well so far.

Running the reddit instance is tricky at times, but once you get the right OS and configure it correctly, it's doable. It seems to run fine on a small machine. We did have to upgrade from 4GB to 8GB RAM because we were running out of memory. Mostly due to the cassandra memory management system that keeps everything in RAM. Have you worked with this?

I'm glad you like the no-downvote system too. It also allows filtering by fun vs insightful vote types, which will be useful when cat pictures inevitably take over the website. Haha.

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I think most notabug traffic is bots and their federation services running, but yeah that's fair.

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It’s because used to point to until github took it down because of a Reddit post they didn’t like. (It’s just a in-browser client)

When that happened, I moved it to a subdomain of and that’s when you see the massive spike in rankings on

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That's an interesting idea. They do use mirrors.

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The old Alexa graph showed huge consistent and smooth notabug growth like a year ago that doesn't look organic to me. Us being third is fine though too.

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I'm surprised that raddle is as popular as it is. It seems like a third world site run by elitist intellectuals that support shoplifting, prepubescent transgendering, all forms of anarchy, and that ban anyone that disagrees with their particular perspectives.

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Yeah I agree. Raddle is to the far-left as voat is to the far-right.

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Not quite all forms of Anarchy, because somehow they think free speech, even for fascists, is fascism apologia, and find this idea, among others, to be grounds for a ban.

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It's cool that Saidit is gaining attention but not too much I hope. Like all things, becoming mainstream is when things start going downhill and when TPTB start noticing and try taking over. Just my two cents...

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If we can hold firm to no ads and community funding I think we'll be alright. I've been putting a lot of effort into maximizing performance so we don't end up with huge hosting costs like Voat.

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Well, you're doing a great job. The site is responsive and loads fast. I think Reddit goes done down more often on average(not that I've been there since discovering this site). Godspeed!

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^ this is the right approach keep things cheap and distribute the costs among users when possible.

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If we can hold firm to no ads and community funding I think we'll be alright.

Agree 100%

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Great news. Thanks for Saidit! Won't be long before this site passes that horrible joke called voat.

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Yeah it’s a bunch of nut jobs over there. I was worried this place would be the same but it’s much better

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At this path, it's going to be bigger than voat in no time. The policies of voat has basically got them the racist kind of radical leftist (in the sense of collectivism, such as hardcore neo nazis) and all kinds of conspiracy theorists. That means they'll have a hard time trying to grow their user base, since few want to associate themselves with those groups. Meanwhile reddit is purging normal based people who are just poking fun at the ridiculousness of the current SJW and SJW-associated "woke" groups.

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Just joined today, couldn't be happier. I especially like the anonymity of not having to tie in an email to this site. Just another chink in the chain to get doxxed. Hopefully the popularity of this site increases, reddit is a cesspool anymore.

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I especially like the anonymity of not having to tie in an email to this site. Just another chink in the chain to get doxxed.

Agree completely! Welcome to saidit! Reddit is tough to read these days. Glad to have you here.

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Nobody takes alexa ratings seriously, they're based entirely on what sites people with an adware browser toolbar visit, so a high ranking just means your site has more idiots that install adware browser toolbars.

Compare the number of comments posted every day on each site instead. Saidit is one of the lowest, and half of its comments are idiots spamming conspiracy theories about jews. Those are probably the same people dumb enough to install browser toolbars.

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Alexa's competitor SimilarWeb says the same:

Global Rank Worldwide 88,168

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These are wonderful news. Let's all continue the good work. We all know Saidit right now is a far better place than reddit and Voat and we can make it even better.

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What about Stemmit??