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I can run a server. That's not the problem.

Distributed servers means the legal responsibility is not placed on one person. As it is, the server can get shut down by the server company. If I run my own server, I can go to jail and they can trace my IP, if I do not shut down the things in the DMCA request.

Distributed computing however means that no one is tied to the server, as there is no single server or single owner, but instead dozens or hundreds. That changes the legal dynamics considerably. But the software for making this happen may or may not even exist yet and is extremely complex. It's right on the edge of being doable.

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they can try, but the tech is there that you can use to officially move saidit underground so to speak, using cjdns ;)

they cant attack what they cant see.

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Interesting suggestion, that's a new one. I'll read more about it

Moving to switzerland might help us get less DMCA notices, but we'll see what happens

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ah, we arent on the swiss server yet? i thought we were, lol.

but yea, cjdns uses ipv6 tunneling to form a private network. you can even use it to create a WISP if you have a router that supports openwrt :)

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No, haha. We're almost there, we've got the parallel copy running on the swiss server but it's not hooked up to a URL yet. We'll make an announcement.

Interesting :)