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Bernie is no commie. He's a Social Democrat, meaning Socialist Capitalist. We should be so lucky to have an effective communist party to battle the excesses of Washington.

Also, FYI, d3rr is magnora7's gimp. I have Polaroids.

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Believe it or not. My problem with Bernie isn't partisan at all. I was very hyped with Bernie because of the 2020 elections, but he let me down. I became very cynical after watching him support the Nicaraguan commies. More people have died in the protests over there than here in Venezuela. And we all know how the Nicaraguan government is involved in the drug dealing with the Latin American left. Look up for the family members of Maduro being caught with 20$ million worth of cocaine being transported from Venezuela to Haiti to the US for example.

A lot of his followers shy away from the socialist label and consider him a social democrat. But I saw him more like a Socialist Nationalist. I didn't care if he turned the US into a socialist nation or whatever, just as long as he got rid of the Jesuits and the other groups. But he is none of those things. Not a social democrat. Not a moderate socialist. Not a neo revolutionary that will use communism for good. He is the stereotypical commie bad guy dude.

It's a shame but in 2020 there will be nothing but a shitstorm and shill vs shill fighting.

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Thanks for sharing.

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I know porn is banned. That's why I didn't share them - yet.

The blackmailing Pedophocracy Freemason Zionist overlords still haven't figured out what useful purpose to apply their Beavis and Butthead without blowing their cover. Also, they're still recovering from their Bilderberg orgy excesses. And someone's lost another map-related handkerchief. Is it yours?

So much pizza, so little time before we unleash the apocalypse.

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Let's see em.

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No porn policy. : (