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I liked their infographic:

Seems accurate overall. I think saidit came through pretty well in the article. They also have some interesting usage statistics I hadn't seen before, that they compared at the end of the article.

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Hey, that's an article from a site that I run (although I did not personally write that article).

Stats are from Ahrefs (an internet marketing/website data monitoring/whatever) tool. Also gives alerts to webmasters to find mentions and backlinks on other site. Which incidentally is how I found this Saidit thread. Is that ironic?

Anyway, glad to see content get shared. Every "reddit alternatives" article that shows up in search engines lists completely non-reddit-like sites, so we wanted to capture a list of sites that are actually, you know, like Reddit.

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Cool! That is a bit ironic. I'm glad to learn about alternatives too, I learned of a few from the list I'd never heard of before, like, even though I'm an avid hackernews reader. Thanks!

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I'm not thrilled about the graphic - beyond the light blue being almost unreadable.

"A Reddit alternative designed to be community-driven." Meh. Who isn't?

"Instead of upvotes and downvotes, users can vote on posts as "insightful," "funny," or both." Meh. Is that the only take away?

At least he didn't say we wear tin foil hats, but he also didn't caution folks against the racism on Voat, not that they could join if it's invite only.

I know almost the same as I did before reading it about all of them. All just different ways of saying Reddit alternatives.

It's nice to be recognized and listed though.

Not sure I'm a fan of voting as many times as you want to, but it says NotABug is federated and decentralized. Now that I'm interested in.

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Making progress baby! Next stop the cover of Time. Great to see the site get a mention, even if it's a relatively small one. We have the potential to be just like reddit one day. Hopefully I'll be able to see that happen!

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We may have that potential, but I hope we're never like Reddit, any day.

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Yeah not like reddit in that way, but a popular hub for discussion (like reddit is).

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Meh. Popular among those who can handle it civilly and contribute would be okay.

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I'm very surprised that Prismo isn't on that list. I suppose it's not a site, though.

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They "lost" their entire database the other day and abandoned their first domain name... Maybe that did it.

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That's but one instance. Just because the people writing the code aren't good at backups doesn't mean the code is bad. And Prismo's federated, so is by default more awesome than everything that isn't.

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Well if their architecture is to store the DB inside of a git repo that's pretty bad design. But yes, they wipe the floor with us as they are decentralized.

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Why is storing the database in a git repository bad design? Inefficient, yes, but Git has almost all of the features a good backup system needs.

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Because code is not data and vice versa. It's extra risk that sets you up for exactly what happened- switching branches replaced/reverted the DB data with something else. Ideally you can blow away the repo, re check out, DB data is happily in safe in /var or somewhere.

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Wait. They were storing it in the same repository as the code? Oh, yeah, that's stupid.

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Yep, dude talked about it in his what happened post. Probably in there but ignored by git, since they didn't have a backup.

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Ah. Then that's just a mistake. An easy one to make, actually, if you don't know how git works.

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Agreed, but still bad design/setup to store the data there.

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lemmy is another federated reddit-like that I've got my eye on.

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  • Rust.
  • Is cool.


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Yeah it's quite a different list from the normal lists I see on /r/redditalternatives, with a few sites I've never heard of before

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Took a look for other alternatives,I found saidit is most suitable for me,no disgusting downvotes.