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So you don't think I can do anything to fix it, yet you're still disappointed in me. You're disappointed this site has a voting system.

I don't know what to say. How about we just see what the future holds, instead of writing off the website entirely based on where you think things might go.

If you find it too disappointing still, then I recommend leaving. It's just an internet forum. It will not fulfill your every dream, despite all of our best efforts. People are going to be people. There is nothing I can do about this.

But it is the stated mission of this site to avoid becoming voat, as well as to avoid becoming reddit. So I will continue to do my best and encourage the community to do their best. If this is not good enough for you, then there is literally nothing else I can do.

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My disappointment is much less to do with this site than it has to do with your hypocrisy. I'm still on various Reddit-clones despite knowing them for what they are, and I'm probably still going to stick around here in much the same way. The real problem I have though? Isn't with this site. It's with you.

Despite claiming to stand for the pyramid, you yourself appear to have no intention of sticking to it. When this is pointed out to you, you lash out in frustration and ask people to leave - as though frustrated that you cannot ban dissentment outright. You claim to have taken action against Voat-like behaviour, and cite as an example the very thread in which you partake in that sort of behaviour.

It would have been preferable if you'd simply admitted that you never intended to make a place for reasonable discussion in the first place.

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I have not "lashed out" to anyone, I am merely responding to your accusations. I welcome the conversation. If I simply wanted to censor you, I would. But that's not what saidit is about.

Again you say there is nothing I can do, yet you are apparently immensely disappointed in me. This is a contradiction that can never be satisfied. How about you enjoy using the site instead of going after the admins? :) Peace.