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Does Magnora have any proof of the banned subreddits here doing that, too?

You are right, that /u/Magnora7 really should have proof; I agree with this point.

Are you a moron? Honest question.

People usually don't get themselves tested for this, so I doubt /u/Zombi can actually answer.

You're a limp-wristed faggot leftist. I bet you're not even 18 year thinking you know it all, too. If you're over 18 then I'd be ashamed for your sake.

This is completely unfounded as well as extremely low on the pyramid. Are you trying to get banned, maybe as ammo against SaidIt?

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I totally agree that proof should be provided for those that haven't seen it. I've seen the posts/memes magnora7 is referring to, so I don't really need it, but I do think it would be nice to have some in the future.

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I guess I can add links to the offending material in the ban message, if that's what people want.

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I think it's a safe way to ensure situations like this don't crop up again. That way idiots like /u/Troll can't pop in and whine about it with any legitimacy. When the evidence isn't shown you open yourself up to more suspicion than anything, you know?

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Fair enough. I'll probably do that in the future then.

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I'm speaking my point in good faith. I'm just going to insult people if they're being dishonest or overtly moronic -- if someone hasn't thought well about their position, it's not my job to do thinking for them.

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Are you trying to get banned, maybe as ammo against SaidIt?

No, I'm just an asshole, and felt banning these subreddits here for the reasons banned was very poor -- especially when the leftie subreddits were much worse in illegal speech than my precious /r/physical_removal.