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Yes, it does. "Let's throw gays and communists out of helicopters, so to speak" is a central meme to physical_removal, and is advocating violence.

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"Let's throw gays and communists out of helicopters, so to speak" is a central meme to physical_removal,

Please document the evidence against the accused.

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About 20% of those are about throwing people off of helicopters.

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So? It's humor. Throwing commies from helicopters is utterly hilarious.

I'm not sure where sawboss was going. I sure as hell won't deny that helicopter rides weren't central to our beautiful mission.

These "people" are utter garbage and trash, and I'm not saying that because I simply disagree with them. I've been around a while. It's not the beliefs you need to look at, but the psychological processes that were involved in those beliefs.

Here's the thing: I'm completely serious when I say I'm an anti-leftist and pro-elimination. I'm careful to distinguish the true believers from the naive, uneducated, young, and foolish. But here's the thing: these are the people who will promote pedophilia, genocide, and the murder of successful people because such things makes their own faults and sins go unquestioned.

Back in the 2000s I successfully "deconverted" a communist on revleft, and later he ended up following my advice for false reasons, and admitted he was a pedophile. I espoused a sort of anti-human nihilism and he took it into being an edgy weird fuck who fapped to the little girl playing across the street while watching out his window Boo Radley style.

That's just one example. Can you fault me for wanting to cleanse this world of some measure of evil and filth?

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That doesn't prove anything. Do the moderators and participants in the sub agree that they wish to promote such action?

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Yes, and they said as much.

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Who said, where, and when?