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we need our own gated communities

The PoD is SaidIt's gate.

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The pyramid of debate is nothing more than an abstraction that doesn't cover the nuances of speech.

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I don't know what kind of "gate" you want. Apparently you want an exclusive club where everyone already agrees on ... something? Any mechanism of exclusion will instantly create a power hierarchy or else devolve into mob rule. Even if your community begins ideologically pure (It won't), you'll fall into purity spirals and power struggles.

Good luck fighting human nature.

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All saidit had to do was copy reddit and apply rules fairly to the left and right side of the political spectrum and it would have stolen half of reddits users in a year the same way people left digg. Unfortunately admin here is trying to micro manage discussion and run the site like a single subreddit. It's unsustainable. /u/magnora7 will either burn himself out or slow growth so significantly the site stagnates stalls and dies.

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Or, the rules get slightly looser as the site grows larger, just like on every other site.

If all we did was copy-paste reddit, we'd be where is... no one would care about us. We'd just be a shitty voat. The rules increase the quality of the site, and that's important to its success