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Not trying to kiss magnora7's ass, but if he is feeling a bit like a 'pettytarian', then I can't really blame him. I was about 75% insane after dealing with sjw scum when I fled to voat, only to find it quickly saturated with a different brand of stupidity.

They don't really respect freedom of speech, not really. The downvote system is worse there than it is on reddit! It makes it easy for the community to censor you and then say "it's not the admins/mods doing it, so it isn't censorship", which is just plain false. I'm not going to argue semantics, either.

You should have taken the hint based on how the "downvote" system works here, most of us have had enough of that crap! Take it back to voat, or that not-voat place, poal.

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So? Voat is filled with 4chan-tier morons. I don't go to 4chan for the same reasons. Doesn't change the fact that I understand what the solution to the SJW problem is.

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Well, I did recommend, too.