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This pyramid obsession stuff is illuminati tier, tho.

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Yeah I guess the food pyramid and trigonometry are Illuminati too /s

The pyramid of debate was created in 2006.

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If we're going to punctuate our obvious sarcasm with that beetling proverbial mark can't we at least start doing /r instead, just to spite Reddit and restore a modicum of balance in this heat?

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They are. There is no need for that /s.

edit: if you have to explain sarcasm with an /s, it is no sarcasm anymore

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/s is required because of Poe's Law

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That means sarcasm is just impossible on the internet, since sarcasm stops being sarcasm when one has to explain it as such. /s

You can even use it the other way around and acting as if you were joking though you aren't. /s

Think I will use it all the time now. /s

haha /s

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The Egyptians and Greeks did it way before the The Bavarian Illuminati was even conceived.

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They just stole it along with a bunch of other stuff from a high developed and educated race with hooves and horns that has left from this planet a long time ago. Every cow on earth that lives as a slave of any kind under human hands is forced to get "signed" with a mark to this very day.