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Their censorship has driven me away, yet I keep coming back to find myself livid again and again. The worst part for me is that even the least likely subreddits would have the tightest control- just one bad moderator will remove your discussion privileges.

I recall being in subreddit dedicated to a band, I'd made a post reflecting on the toxic community and horrid fanbase downvoting any opinions / political views against those of the band's singer. It seemed as though you couldn't listen to the music without subscribing to their politics, according to the groupthink. Of course, I was quickly silenced and warned by the mod that I'd be banned if I "kept it up".

Basically, Reddit admins and bad moderators can all go fuck themselves with a ten-foot pole. Sometimes I want to quit using social media altogether, but I'm afraid I couldn't at this point. Fear of missing out? I don't know.