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Honestly, FB was never as cool as MySpace. MySpace was an awesome dating/hookup site around 2006.

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myspace had a blog/journal type section that I remember a lot of people actually using, was cool to see people's actual thoughts, fb I guess they could do that but no one uses it for that just to share memes, not hteir own thoughts anyway, and young people all left it too to go to things like instagram, twitter, etc that also don't work for long posts. Dumbing down. These kind of message board sites like this and reddit are dying for similar reasons.

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If you post your thoughts on facebook only about 10% of your friends will actually see your post unless you paid to advertise it.

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the truth is, on fb, I have a lot of friends that post annoying stuff, so I have them on unfollow. I have one friend that posts interesting things, memes, news about shows coming up I like to see, and I always see her stuff so that works. Other than that I just use fb for groups with people I don't know in them posting pics and news about musicians I like. It's fun but impersonal.