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Are you saying people don't bother researching topics? I agree sources are good, but I would hope the people of Saidit would look for more information through other means instead of blindly believing the contents of the article OP posts.

it's not so much that people don't bother researching, it's about transparency.

It's they just take a convenient small piece of information that fits a narrative and leave out the rest even if it significantly contradicts the point they were trying to make. Probably the most well known recent case was the Covington case, where they take a pic of a video and build a narrative about it.

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Oh right. Yeah okay, I see where you are coming from.

However, It would probably be a pain to verify the credibly of certain sources. I can imagine some people skirting round the rule by using sources which conform to their views.

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Another example, imho would be the 'fema coffins'; their size simply dictates something other than 5 man burial boxes. How liners could be construed as something else is strange.