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Which sub? Based on the moderation that has occurred in the past, it was probably either banned for a good reason, or doing so was based on an accident and the decision should be reverted (pinging /u/Magnora7 in case this is the case).

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I don't like the fact that's it just disappeared, no admin post about it - just gone.

Somewhere in a comment thread, three levels down, the admin says it advocates violence but lets /s/watchpeopledie stay.

That's the problem with subjective admin judgement without proper rules, when will they decide that your subs doesn't conform to the pyramid and selectively enforce the rules?

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the admin says it advocates violence but lets /s/watchpeopledie

This is a debate I'm willing to take up with anyone. Should the 5 o'clock news never show dead bodies, or death? Would they be advocating violence if they did so?

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