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Wow. This is a bit off-topic, but feeling the weight off my shoulders from reading these comments… I cannot imagine how hard actual, proper gaslighting is to bear, but I've a new-found respect for people who've dealt with that kind of abuse.

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At the risk of opening up a whole new can of bees - I think gaslighting is essentially the reason that SJW politics are so pervasive and are lent so much power nowadays, to the point its reached a sort of fascist censorship level:

The sheer volume of hate poured out wholesale against anything not far-left nowadays could drive anyone who hears it too much to start convincing themselves that the propaganda might be right.

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It's divide and conquer.

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Hate for far left (R U a Communist‽). Hate for far right (R U a Nazi‽). Incredulity when someone isn't either. I'm glad I can keep US politics at armchair's distance!

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Yeah we don't really have the luxury of doing that after Christchurch, the 'Muricans fucking kicked the door in and started overloading us with their "with us or against us" stuff

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People who exploit others' misfortune for their own personal profit are not people I like.