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Lmao is that not a thing people say? Seriously, I see it a lot. People say the jews control the government, they start wars to profit off of them, all kinds of shit. I'll admit maybe you or OP didn't, but it's a very common sentiment.

Also, the holocaust definitely happened and there are definitely a large group of anti-Semites in the world.

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They do, not all Jews and especially not law abiding ones. 9/11 was a Mossad and Dual-Israel, Zionist operation, the majority who planned happened to be Jews. That means, 99.9% of Jews are normal nice people, I have a neighbor who is Jewsh, I won't lump him in with the crimes a hundred or so Jews, Christian Zionists and trained Jesuits commited but I will call it out. Becase the neoconseervative Zionists like to use judaism as a scapegoat.

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You can certainly have these beliefs and while I don't agree with you, this just goes to show what I said is correct. If anything you're further proving the point I'm making by posting what you've posted.

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People don't always have to disagree, you know.

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They certainly don't, but if I disagree then I'm allowed to voice that opinion.

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I might be, but I know with certainty that neoconservative Zionists played the largest role in planning and rolling out 9/11. Is judaism to blame? No.