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what was represented as a new law by the US Congress was, in fact, merely a definition given by the EUMC

I think I see your point. This definition does not directly apply to Americans (yet!). I guess it's not a good idea to try to memeify laws.

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Why should US laws apply to foreigners?

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It shouldn't, and this whole law shouldn't exist because it is racist.

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I guess it's not a good idea to try to memeify laws.

I think this was more than that, though. The screenshot was deliberately edited to make it seem like that was a top-level part of the law; it wasn't just cropped.

It seems like that thing that… I can't remember who said it or what it was called, but that thing where you fill a community with fake undesirables and then criticise it for being full of undesirables. The thing is, we currently don't have the slightest defence against something like that happening, and I want us to be able to hold that off at least until the decentralisation happens.

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Yeah critical context was omitted. One thing to keep in mind here is that this is a famous redditor who generally only posts A+++ material, so a huge upvote bias doesn't surprise me.