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I don't like the rounded corner look, but I'm probably alone in that.

I'm not sure what the "expando" thing is.

Thanks as always for SaidIt.

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Give it a try for a while, maybe you'll get used to it. I had the roundedness turned up way higher so everything was a circle or oval, but I settled with it a bit lower so things are more square just with rounded edges.

The expandos are the little buttons that you use to expand images or videos right in the page. It's the little white square button next to the title and thumbnail image, with the arrow and plus sign (in posts) or the filename label in a gray box (in comments). I think what wizzwizz did was to make it so when you click-drag the image to make it larger, it expands better.

Here's a test image, click the box that says JPG, then click-drag on the image to make it really big:

Happy to help! Let me know if you have more questions or comments.

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No, my tweak was mostly for the embedded videos. I still don't know how that image resizing thing works.

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Oh thanks for clarifying. Much appreciated, thanks for contributing code to saidit wizzwizz

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In my browser (Mozilla Firefox 66.0.3 with uBlock and uMatrix on Ubuntu 18.10) clicking the link-ified URL of the image opens the image in a new tab. Clicking the JPG box opens an empty new tab and simultaneously toggles inline expansion of the image. Dragging to resize the expanded image works, but it's not very reliable.

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Clicking the JPG box opens an empty new tab and simultaneously toggles inline expansion of the image

It shouldn't open a new tab, that's weird. /u/d3rr might be interested to know this. And clicking the link URL should just go to that page. Does every new link open a new tab in your browser? That sounds like a browser setting.

What do you mean it's not very reliable when you click-drag to resize? For me it works flawlessly. Maybe it's to do with your video settings in ubuntu perhaps. Not sure.

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I have enabled open links in a new window in SaidIt preferences. I have enabled Open links in tabs instead of new windows in Firefox preferences.

I mean "unreliable" in the sense that if I drag too quickly or the pointer moves outside the boundaries of the expanded image then it stops resizing.

Neither of these things bother me enough to worry about. Just thought I'd mention them in case others have similar experiences.

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Gotcha. Thank you for the reports, much appreciated. We'll look in to the issues for further updates.

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I think I can fix your 'JPG' click opening a new tab. Thanks for the report.

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Can you explain the possible cause in a sentence or two, and why I am the only one (apparently?) affected?

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I'm not calling event.preventDefault() so your browser thinks you're clicking a (traditional) link. I think. You'll have to retest it for us once a fix goes out. Suspect your open in new tab setting exposed this flaw.

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Weird. I think open in new tab is actually the factory default on Firefox. Does everyone use Google Chrome except me?

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It is weird. It works as expected for me in FF with default settings.

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I created a new, empty profile and the first thing I did was check the setting.

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i see. well i pushed an update, see if it still acts weird. if it does, i would try disabling all of your add-ons and flushing browser cache for this site and see if that fixes it.

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I think the comment entry box could maybe go for some padding, so the first character typed isn't bumping right up against the rounded corner.

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Good suggestion. It's been fixed.

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The rounded corners look fine on the post contents box & moderator list box, however I feel it looks very strange on the text box & thumbnail previews. I think there needs to be some sort-of balance. Not everything needs to rounded. For example, Windows 7 has rounded corners on windows, but stuck to traditional square appearance on the taskbar. On Saidit, restoring the thumbnail previews & text box to square would make a great deal of difference visually.