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Thank you for your suggestions. It's always nice to offer ideas for optimaization rather than simply criticize.

Regarding #1 there is a general consensus that would be a really useful and welcome tool, and it's on the site owners' list. For now they are busy doing other great things, but they have agreed it is a feature that is worth the big job it will be, when they can get to it.

At least that is my understanding, and I hope it does eventually happen, as it would be nice to filter content on a personal basis.

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Issue one is fixed if you go to preferences->content options->home page and set it to subscribed.

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Awesome feedback and welcome aboard.

  1. On the SaidIt Todo list, along with ignoring users more conveniently.
  2. We do have image resize, try dragging it, but it currently can't go bigger than it's container. There's an open issue on GitHub to improve this.
  3. Not a bad idea, and not the first time I've heard this

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Ah yes, it seems that for #2 I was just trying to enlarge an image that was the size of the container. It wasn't getting bigger so I assumed that it wasn't working. There's currently no way to resize video embeds that I can see, however. YouTube videos are set at a size.

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I just fixed #2, so now images can expand forever! Thanks for the inspiration and bug reports.

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Oh my goodness, thank you for the quick work. If every site fixed tips as fast as this we'd be in a much better internet.

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You're very welcome!

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You should be able to full-screen YouTube v— Oh, I see. I think I can fix this, unless I've been beaten to it.

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Issue one is fixed if you go to preferences->content options->home page and set it to subscribed.

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Oh perfect, that works exactly like how I'd want my home page to be. Interestingly that only seems to change the landing page ( and not the page labelled home (/s/home), as subs I'm not subbed to are showing up in /s/home and not in the landing page, but it works the way I want regarding subscriptions. Thank you.

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Yes, /s/home is that way I think because of the chat.

Which remind me, to easily join the #home channel on chat (with your settings set to subscribed) you can also type:

/join #home

in chat and then switch channels via the channel menu.

Because every 48 hours chat gets purged and you are only in channels of subs you visit and well, I had it too, with this setting you never visit # or /s/home .

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Yes /s/home is an actual sub type, and it means /s/all without /s/ads

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And NSFW too?

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NSFW can be in there, but if the sub is set to be excluded from all, it's also excluded from /s/home

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I'd still like to ignore users and subs, so I could see "new" without having 100 threads about stuff I'm not interested in. But that's a great tip I did not know about--thanks Mnemonic.

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I'd still like to ignore users and subs

You mean it's not working? Or don't you know that in preferences you can easily unsubscribe from all subs and than manually pick them out from . Or do I now misunderstand you?

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I like to browse "new". Does your method work for "new'? It may be I who am misunderstanding you--I'm having a brain day. ETA: plus I'd also like to see new subs as they're created.

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It does work that way, it acts like /Subscribed/new (that would be the old way to access it).

For the new demand: In the footer is a link to and is that list sorted on new.

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how do you 'easily' do it? there's no 'unsub all' option.

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Go to preferences -> subscriptions and set 'unsubscribe from all subs' to yes and save.

As is explained here: (see footer) more eloquently:

Saidit's sub 'subscribe' system is an opt-out system, rather than reddit and voat's opt-in systems. This means that when your account is created, you're automatically subscribed to all subs, then you can unsubscribe from the ones you don't want on your home page. If you'd rather do it the other way around, you can go to 'preferences' in the top right to see your user preferences, then select the option 'unsubscribe from all subs' and you can build your own sub subscription list from scratch. This opt-out system also means that when you create a sub, any new users to saidit will automatically be subscribed to your sub.

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awesome. I missed that when I scanned the preferences.

Also, too many words in welcome page. Like, it was a small book.

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Also, too many words in welcome page. Like, it was a small book.

Copying it to a WYSIWYG text editor with the standard layout it's not even 2 pages long...

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2 pages to say "hi".

Apple's terms and conditions is shorter. It reminds me of the phrase "the left can't meme".

Information can be expressed simply and quickly, or,

One can present an overview of the data concerning, or referencing a subject or set of ideas in a very lengthy and convoluted process. Adding unnecessary details, repeating phrases about that data, both as an overview and in specifics.

I think it comes from a mis-step in 'higher' education, where great store is set in the minutiae of potential interpretations of anything that is said. In an attempt to control the received interpretation of what someone is trying to say, every detail and avenue of possibility is explored, with the ever increasing tidal wave of verbosity intended to create within it some semblance of the shape of the things being said. Nuanced and accurate and unable to be misinterpreted.

Its all a fallacy, of course, as all that is really happening is the edifice of shared misunderstanding grows ever larger until someone gives up and says "bollox".

EDIT and then moans about not being able to unsub quickly. Because they didn't read it all.

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2 pages to say "hi".

and explain the basics on how everything works and where to find certain things (such and the Terms and Content policy [which is still shorter than Apple's] ). It's all pretty neatly packed and you're always free to comment and/or ask questions about it in those threads. (Or even suggest a better text.)

I'm glad you've found what you needed and ehmm "Hi!"

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really? I was auto subbed to every single one...

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If you have ideas for SaidIt features you can post in /s/IdeasForSaidIt/ or add them to the wish lists on /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/ and feel free to code if you can!

You can engage folks in the IRC chat, /s/AskSaidIt/ or /s/SaidItSurveys/ too.

The front page of is your "subscribed" feeds. I wouldn't mind an option for sets or modes, like a Insightful-Mode/Set and Fun-Mode/Set, but I wouldn't really use it enough. Really it comes back to classifications/categories/metatags.

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Also, a way to turn of background images without having to use ublock's network filters.

I spend a happy few minutes tabbing through the auto-subscribed subs and unsubscribing through the lot of them.

r/all is fine for looking at all subs, don't need them auto subbed

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There's a switch in the preferences; it's not too clear right now, which is on the to-do list.