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Interesting ideas. In my opinion, the best revenge is to build a separate place so wonderful and full of great information and community that reddit falls apart forever and people come here instead.

I can't say I care too much about spez lol. But that said, it's good to shine a spotlight on how reddit is falling apart, like in /s/meanwhileonreddit. I'm a big fan of documenting corruption and documenting the censorship of real information.

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Interesting. Perhaps this should be coordinated in a new sub somewhere. This is not the intended aim of this site (it wasn't, afaik, set up to revolve around what was going on on Reddit), but I don't think anybody will have issues with you coordinating this here.

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Since most of the users here come from reddit it's probably going to be that way for a while. Until reddit totally dies like Digg.

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/s/SaidItPromotion ?

/s/PromoteSaidIt ?

Or "PSA: Call Out For The Top Twenty Ways To Promote SaidIt" ?

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This proposal seems more like "boycott Reddit" than "promote Saidit"; it's not a zero-sum game, so those might not be right.

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How do you always flip everything upside down?

Where in do you find "boycott" or "Redddit" in this:

/s/SaidItPromotion ?

/s/PromoteSaidIt ?

Or "PSA: Call Out For The Top Twenty Ways To Promote SaidIt" ?

I said nothing about crapping on or damaging the Reddit thing. I'm not even a Redditor. I don't even care about it falling apart. I'm for promoting SaidIt. What does zero-sum have to do with anything? FFS.

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Hey JasonCarswell, we're thinking about using your cool saidit speech bubble logo as the main logo for saidit, but only if you're willing to release all rights and future claims to the image, and turn ownership of the design entirely over to saidit. Does that sound okay to you?

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I released it to you back in January when we developed it (/s/SaidIt/comments/adu/decentralizing_saidit/m6g ). I hope you might open source it but it's my gift to you and leave that in your hands. Also, you can open source it later, maybe long after you've established solid branding awareness with a merchandise web store - or give yourself a meaningful date, like SaidIt's 5th birthday in 3.5 years.

Seeing some of the news sub CSS themes with neat little tricks inspired me to apply them. I feel like my themes are pretty much done, likely after the next pass. Then I can survey who wants to be mod of them and maybe /u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr can advise on selections to hand over to.

My to do list said "tweak day mod colours" but I'd forgotten my more specific ideas. I have one more image to add (just discovered on another CSS), a new day/night icon I want to try, make some new SVG lightbulbe and smiley vote icons, and I have some new banners to finish for some older subs (my first banners were slapped together and now it's a whole thing so Architecture, ElectionsUSA2020, Tin Foil Hat, USAmerica, don't measure up) before I give them up.

Plus I'd like to give one last go at my 3 remaining "FAIL"s in my code. (Search it for "fail" /s/DecentralizeAllThings/about/stylesheet/ #1 is a neat trick on /s/Unc0ver/ when you hover over "message the moderators". #2 is about the "formatting help" table under comment entry. I think it depends on code tweeks. And if you're doing that there is a little wish list of things to add to that "formatting help" table. #3 Seems simple, but I failed. On the /about/stylesheet/ pages as mod you can "save" and "preview" and I wanted to have a green "save" with yellow text and inverse those colours for the "preview" button. Feel free to fix these.)

Also, not labeled as a fail, at the bottom of the sidebox, after, is "Ergonomix Subsaidit CSS Theme" that I'd like to be linked to . My shortest title, "Sex" will be my next sub, Friday, and of all subs, I really would like M7D3 to be co-moderators to maintain order there. If none other, please accept my invitation there.

I moved my reference notes to and I wrote a new "Ergonomix Subsaidit CSS Theme" intro with installing instructions for newbies that should be easy to follow.

I wouldn't by any stretch say I've mastered this CSS, but I feel like I have a pretty good handle on it. Maybe next year I will design another one with an aesthetic not second to practicality. Maybe I'd do some for my projects. Or maybe I could design one for site wide SaidIt use with minor improvements, but mostly the same. Unless a change is asked for.

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Thanks for releasing the image to us, just wanted to make sure! We might open-source the image, not a bad idea. I like your CSS themes too, you definitely have given us food for thought with all the various layout options you've created. For now we'll just stick with the image though :) Although I might port some of your CSS changes to the main site someday.

Thanks for all the links! And thanks again for the image!

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I said nothing about crapping on or damaging the Reddit thing.

Communication breakdown, sorry. No, the thing you were commenting on seems more like "boycott Reddit", and I thought your suggestions didn't fit that.

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Suggestion to all Redditors:

  1. Post things on SaidIt.

  2. Go to Reddit.

  3. Link the SaidIt content on Reddit.

Hashtags: #DecentralizeReddit, #FightElitesNotEachOther

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We also need to make Reddit Enhancement Suite for Saidit into a proper add-on.

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It exists. I'm not a Redditor so I don't know how proper it is.

/s/SaidIt/wiki/index#wiki Apps & Clients

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I mean a non-debug addon, that sticks.

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I don't know what that means.

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When you load the addon, it goes away when you quit the browser.

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Neato. I think. /u/d3rr and /u/magnora7 might want to know about this.

Either you, or they, could add this to the /s/IdeasForSaidIt/wiki/feature_ideas wish lists, as I don't really feel confident in describing it.

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Thank you, we are aware of this.

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As I'm sure you're all aware of the status of Reddit, it is... deteriorating to say the least.

By what metric is reddit dying, or deteriorating? Because by a lot of people's estimations, their recent subreddit bannings only serve to clean reddit up. What makes those people wrong? TBH, Im here because a subreddit I frequented was banned, but at the same time, I understand why they banned it and I don't have ill will towards reddit for having done so.