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Wikipedia sucks ass. They banned me for a year for being "another polite truther". Last week I was trying to add to and met irrational resistance because they're trying to suppress new freeing technologies like BitChute's Comment Freely app :

Because it's "not notable". There's a FUCK TONNE on Wikipedia that is not notable.

"Not notable" = weasel words if ever there were.

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What's a polite truther?

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9/11 was an Anglo-Zionist-Globalist inside and outside international snowjob followed by Athrax to scare everyone into silence.

If you act nice and don't let their bullshit bug you (because they'll toss you out) then they call you "polite".

These are old and need updating and major cleaning up: - partly banned

Wikipedia won't allow articles like those or like these: - banned - partly banned - banned - banned several times - mostly banned - banned

EDIT: I added "banned" after the ones that were banned from WP. The others I didn't even try.

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Can I watch this online in full?

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I don't know. I haven't seen it yet myself. Lemme know if you find it.

Looks like they're still going but stalled or something.

Official sites: +

The Great NHS Heist Documentary trailer No2 - Prof David Whyte Feb 2017