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this night mode is so awesome.

will the irc window stay the same?

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Glad you like it!

It looks like all the CSS for the irc window is part of an iframe that uses CSS that is pulled from the lounge servers, so we don't actually have that CSS I think. I don't know how much is changeable. I was trying to change the thick black border around the chat window, and I couldn't find the CSS for it anywhere in any of our files anywhere on the server, so I'm pretty sure it's pulling it from the lounge.

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The Lounge has a dark theme, you can turn it on in your Lounge settings, inside the iframe. It's not as nice as the default from what I remember. We can use that as the default in night mode, or release our own night mode theme to use as the default.

We are hosting all of this, the css is somewhere in home/lounge-autoconnect.

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Oh cool, let's turn it on and try it out and see if it matches what we have.

Oh okay, maybe I didn't look in home/lounge-autoconnect, you're probably right

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It matches pretty good. You can demo it yourself now by choosing theme "Zenburn" in TheLounge. (hamburger menu, then settings cog icon at the bottom left, below the channel list).

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Yeah that does work well! I like it.

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Okay, Zenburn is now the default theme for the chat client. The theme setting is stored in browser localStorage though, so existing users need to do a full cache clear to actually have it change. But I guess eventually everyone will have it.

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Sweet. Sounds good. Nice work.

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Okay I'm done for tonight. I got stuck on one,

The search bar text is black. I can not for the life of me figure out where in the .less files to change it. For some reason the "#search input[type=text] " category where i would think I would define the color ends up not working for some reason I can't figure out, I tried for like an hour. It's a pretty minor thing, but other than that I think it's all good. It's just that squirrely one thing.

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nice work man! the site looks great.

those dirty birds hardcoded it into the template:

inline styles override everything, we should edit the template and remove that part.

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Jesus fucking christ. Thank you.

I fixed it in 5 seconds now that you pointed that out. The intended settings were getting overwritten by a hardcoded style="color:black" in there. God damn! Glad that's resolved, I was beginning to go mad trying to trace that one down.

Cool, so that's everything! Let me know if you spot any more. I'm probably calling it a night now that I have a CSS-induced headache lol

edit: I keep thinking of this, lol

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Would be cool if on the submit a text link page, the OPTION, options send replies to my inbox, box wasn't checked by default. Reddit added that at some point and its been a pain to uncheck it every time I make a submission. Or if it could be a preference option instead of every time checked by default.

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/u/d3rr and I could do this. I like the idea of it being a preference in the user preferences. I think most people want it checked by default, but I think having it in the user preferences makes a lot of sense for the people who don't.

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Sure, that wouldn't be too hard. Makes sense as a preference for power users.

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imo it is hard to read the headlines in the footer "about, help, apps and tools" and in the sidebar "moderators, recently viewed links". Maybe a couple of shades lighter or whiteish? I still like this color for less important non-headlines.

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There you go, it is lightened. What do you think?

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This night mode rocks!! This page where the title box is though is still dark. Seems like it should be light like the url box and subreddit box???

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Ah right, I'll do that here in the next day or two.

edit: It's been fixed.

Glad you like the night mode!

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Looks great! What is the best way to support this website?

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Thanks! You can support saidit through patreon here:

Or if you like cryptocurrency, we've got wallets set up to accept donations to support the site here:

Or you can just support us by filling out the site with good content. I see you've posted some great stuff already, much appreciated! You're what we really need