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Oh I may be the first, but from how easy it is to make an account and start spewing as much stupid shit as you want instantaneously... lol I wont be the last faggotnigger to call niggers faggots here.

I'm actually curious as to how long it will take to get banned.


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I'm curious too lonely friend.

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    Why don't you post some funny shit then since it looks like you're not getting banned.

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    See? I'm still here. Senor faggotnigger, I am the faggiest and most niggery faggotnigger to ever fagmatize a nigger.

    By these two powers combined... I... am Captain FaggotNigger!!

    But seriously I'm already bored with this schtick. I tried to get banned. But they wont do it.

    cries gay tears in nigger

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    Alright you wanted to be banned, you got your 3 warnings about the pyramid of debate:

    Here is your ban.