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I agree, but the sub is dead so I'm going to leave it be. If it becomes active again we'll probably have to have a talk with the mod

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    The rules are right here:

    If you don't like them, you're welcome to leave. Low-information hatred is at the bottom of the pyramid of debate.

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    sorry i'm late to this discussion but; is mocking considered a bannable offense now? what about mocking peoples political beliefs thats on top sadits lists now? that could be used into your low tier "pyramid of debate". that to me seems extremely counter-intuitive to what I thought saidit strives to be what reddit once was. a place for differing opinions regardless of good or bad intensions.

    And to simply shun it away from the public eye and pretending it doesn't exist in the real world based on personal opinions or views does nothing to change peoples minds but drives their hatred into more isolated eco-chambers. I mean if we're cleaning up shop then put zoophilia on that list because that extremely offends me; giving them the platform that allows discussion of possibly harming animals to satisfy their sexual desires. but I don't want you to ban them.

    So in my opinion you have just opened a can that you can no longer close of exploiting a loophole that can now be abused to further peoples personal values and to shun people of differing opinions.

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    a place for differing opinions regardless of good or bad intensions.

    People who cannot argue their points without resorting to name-calling aren't welcome here on saidit. That's what the pyramid of debate means. You can have any viewpoint you want as long as you argue it intelligently and respectfully.

    This isn't voat where any old shitpost is allowed. There are other sites for that.

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    ok so shitredditors say is gone now by that definition. along with memes because that could be used as offensively shitposting and i'm sure there's multiple other subs that could "loosly" fit that definition.

    Do you see where i'm going with this? it's only allowed what you deem fit by your own personal beliefs/opinions or something is banned to being offensive by your personal beliefs/opinions. And thats not to say that coontown may or may not have been utilized to test the waters as bait of censoring due to inactivity. and you proved their hypothesis. I'm saying this was a bad judgement on your part with how you responded.

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    coontown is not the same as shitredditors say, not even close. I don't care about proving the hypothesis of people who only care about destroying things anyway. Can't please everyone. We have to draw the line somewhere or saidit will just become voat.

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    sorry I looked into shit redditors say sub on here thinking that it was the same one on actual reddit platform.(anti free speech and brigading "bigots" sub)

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    voat became what it is today because of what reddit did after pao.

    I don't know if you were their during that whole fiasco but average redditors flocked over their in droves to the point where their servers crashed for like 2 weeks and they returned back to reddit and the ones who couldn't remained and that is what you see today. they took over to the point where the owner just gave up on it and they retaliated and banned against anyone "normal".

    and you see what reddit has became today because of "pao's" censorship.(pao may have been more of a scapegoat in order for reddits implementation)

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    Yes, but voat also stood by while they let neonazis take over the site, and we don't intend for the same to happen here

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    How will you go about ensuring that neonazis and the like don't "take over" Saidit?

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    Thanks for this! What is the general feeling regarding conservative Christians?

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    That's fucking stupid, and this site is just another Reddit with even less users then.

    If I want to foster a community of hate against niggers with other like minded individuals then why can't I? Who are you to say we can't have interesting and thought filled discussion and or creative art concerning our hatred of niggers and other shit-skinned individuals?

    The disturbed people over at watchpeopledie get to watch people being murdered and killed to satisfy their sick jollies. Why do those obviously mentally ill and depraved folks get a safe haven here?

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    If I want to foster a community of hate against niggers with other like minded individuals then why can't I?

    There's this place you would probably like, called You should go there, and your wishes can come true. Just leave the rest of us to this "stupid" site. Goodbye!

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    Then you're not for free speech, and any admission is lying.

    Not only did the subreddit never break any rules on reddit, the reddit admins even admitted, straight up, that it didn't.

    Besides, the pyramid of debate is just an abstraction and it should be a guide, not a law.

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    Cool. I just noticed it browsing new subs. Just seems like it's inviting trouble for Saidit.

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    You're right, it is inviting trouble just leaving it there, especially if I do plan to stop it eventually. I just banned it.

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    Hey, how do you browse new subs? This skill eludes me as yet...

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    bottom of page | list of subs | new tab

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      /s/GoodNews is one that I had to subscribe to. I thought I was automatically subscribed to every sub. I'm not sure how it works.

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      You don't get added to subs that exist after your account was created, iirc.

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      Yup and we're looking to add a feature to fix that.

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      Because they went private and didn't include themselves on /s/all, the moderator chose to exclude the sub from the main listings like that

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      Hey, I came a bit late. What was this sub about? Just curious.

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      Oh. Yikes, that's bad.

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        You have to attack the argument not the user.

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          Reported, that's two, we'll see if you survive the day

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            You're one of our first trolls, so I'm trying to be transparent and show how it should go down.

            Reported for that last personal attack bit.

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            Oh I may be the first, but from how easy it is to make an account and start spewing as much stupid shit as you want instantaneously... lol I wont be the last faggotnigger to call niggers faggots here.

            I'm actually curious as to how long it will take to get banned.


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            I'm curious too lonely friend.

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              Why don't you post some funny shit then since it looks like you're not getting banned.

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              I just learned of this too late.

              All I see is "[removed]".

              Is there a way it can remain despite being removed?

              While I'm quite sure it's not very interesting, it might be good to be able to see it for a better transparency. Not necessary for this instance, but inevitably in the future.

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              Second Pyramid of debate warning.

              Last warning before you're banned from the site.

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              I'm shaking in my socks over here. Your pyramid and your site are just reddit 2.0 no respect for you. Do your worst.

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              Well I'm dedicated to speaking the truth of niggers and faggots.

              That's perfectly allowed, but harrasing users with these insults is not.