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you could also think about adding an opt-in mining algo. (only as opt-in option, never ever by default!) this way all users could use some spare computing power to financially support the website. (or alter the algo to mine for themselves... which they could have done from the very beginning anyway... xD)

the point about "environment-friendly" is a heavy one, thou. some cryptos are trying to get rid of the Proof Of Work concept, which is really resource heavy in most(all?) cases (you burn a lot of energy), towards a Proof Of Stake concept. I have no idea if an opt-in mining option/algo is possible with an underlying PoS structure.

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Haha as a matter of fact this is almost exactly what I just spent the last several hours drawing a roadmap for, actually. Great minds think alike. We are developing a plan toward this end. We are talking about doing opt-in in-browser mining and developing our own crypto. I'm not sure if there is a way to make the CPU cycles burned more useful and serve some purpose, but perhaps not. I would love for it to do something useful too while it mines. We are researching this, if you have any additional info in this area let me know.