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    Good idea, I will work on adding a Monero address. I've heard a lot of buzz about Nano too, seems like an exciting currency since it has zero fees. Thanks for the ideas!

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    Monero address still coming?

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    I will do that soon if I can get a good wallet set up. I tried to set up the desktop windows wallet and it was a nightmare and did not work in the end. So I am still looking for a good monero wallet, probably at an online exchange, if I figure one out soon I'll post it here

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    I don't use it myself, but MyMonero is highly regarded by the community.

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    Ah thanks I'll give it a look. I am surprised at how difficult it has been to set up a monero wallet compared to the rest. I like Monero as a crypto so hopefully MyMonero suits our needs

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    Thanks for the idea, I was able to successfully create a wallet here. Monero donations can be sent here:


    I'll add this to the main post. Thanks for the link.