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What about controversial topics? For example, /r/hookers on Reddit was banned, even though no porn was allowed. Would a forum like that be allowed here?

I didn't post much in /r/hookers, but I do post in /r/sexworkers, which is still up for the time being. I'd like to direct /r/sexworkers here, out of fear that reddit will ban them too at some point. I'd also like to revive /r/hookers (which was more on the client side, than the provider side).

The topics here will give you an idea of the likely content of both forums:

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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Basically, as long as it's not going to cause legal trouble to saidit, it's fine

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Thanks! The problem is that it's hard to say whether it will cause legal trouble. Congress recently passed regulations called FOSTA/SESTA which create an exception to Section 230 that means website publishers would be responsible if third parties are found to be posting ads for prostitution — including consensual sex work — on their platforms. You can read more about it here:

Reddit closed a bunch of sex work related subreddits as a result, although they weren't especially consistent about it. They closed /r/hookers and /r/escorts, but /r/sexworkers and /r/sexworkersonly are still up. However, none of them allowed advertising. (In my opinion, Reddit closed /r/hookers and /r/escorts because they emphasized the client side, whereas /r/sexworkers /r/sexworkersonly emphasize the provider side).

IMHO, FOSTA/SESTA will eventually be struck down in the courts as an unconstitutional infringement on the first amendment. However, it may take a while for that to play out in the courts. Until then, there's legal uncertainty around the issue.

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Interestingly, /r/asktransgender probably still has dudes giving hormone pills to minors.

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Thats messed up

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2 years later is really messed up.