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If saidit makes you this angry, then why are you here writing paragraphs? Goodbye.

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I sent this to /u/magnora7 personally, but want to post this here for the record.

So I signed up today thinking I might test out the free speech waters at when I stumbled upon this post,

The thing that bothers me is the way you characterized the sub when the sidebar told a very different story. It seems that you are not really into freedom of speech.

The "sexualization of children" is a hugely ideological term. The "sexualization of minors" is even worse, since a 17.999 year old is technically a minor, but hardly asexual. We're not allowed to discuss these contradictions?

The reason I came to, after poking around Voat, then returning to Reddit for a while, is that I'm really sick of the censorship on centralized social media. The fact that you so quickly devolve in the exact same way tells me that your dream of a pyramid of debate will not last.

The real solution to the problem, one you yourself have diagnosed, is not to create yet another centralized system, this time with the all seeing, all knowing Magnora7 in charge of censorship. It is to push for radical decentralization + encryption, so that minority and excluded populations can have their conversations.

It's not surprising that you'd want to avoid dealing with BS on your site. But my opinion of you and this project has gone 180. I'm no longer bookmarking /s/worldnews to replace my /r/worldnews. I'm going to give up on the Reddit clones altogether and move on.

Good luck Magnora7.

P.S. The sub I wanted to make was going to be called /s/boys and would feature boys in the media and light topics of attraction, politics, and news. But now I'm not going to do that. I wouldn't want to take a risk of wasting my own time only to you have one day (maybe on day 1, maybe on day 1000) delete it just because. And I wouldn't want to help attract people to your site whom you have no respect for and would probably turn in for the least reason, using your powers as admin to leak info or whatever. You're untrustworthy now.

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Good. We do not want you or your message here. There are a very limited number of things we limit, but sexualization of children is one of them. Saidit is not a free-for-all. We cannot have a site exposing pedo rings like Epstein, while housing very questionable content from people like yourself. It doesn't make sense. Goodbye.

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I'm just putting the issue on record so I can be sure to point out your site's lack of freedom of speech and opinion for any who might consider using it in the future, so I can steer people away from it. Goodbye indeed and enjoy your dead circlejerk, faggot.

PS: All of your responses to the arguments in this subthread have been far lower on the pyramid of debate than the posts you're responding to, meaning that by your own logic you should be banned. But of course the rules don't apply to you, do they?