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And here are some things in the works right now, likely coming soon. This is the stuff being worked on right at this moment, so this is a little sneak peek at our development roadmap in the short-term:

  1. Add a user preference option to set the user's home page to /s/subscribed instead of /home (10x more requested than all other features)

  2. Add a copy of "unsubscribe from all" button from user preferences, to the top of the sub management list /subs/mine

  3. iOS app - port Beem

  4. RedReader: try to use not if requests using the subdomain, for more complete/unified traffic stats on alexa, etc. (currently saidit app traffic is not counted by Alexa, and it makes up about half of saidit's traffic)

  5. Image resize in expando: allow expanding off page to view images very zoomed in

  6. Backend Operating System upgrade for longevity

  7. Make it so IRC chat allows for external connections

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Love it

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Great list! I like being informed and I've added it to the article.