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I was thinking about making sub similar to HFY (Humanity Fuck Yeah). HFY is a writing sub focused on the awesome potential of humanity. I think it would be cool to have something similar but for non-fiction. Humans and Human civilization are awesome! And there is till huge potential for even more yet.

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I'd totally sub to that! Sounds really positive

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I'm partial to science-fiction stories where most aliens come from worlds that had fewer predators and lower gravity/more idealic weather.

The result is that humans are terrifying as we end up being stronger, tougher, and more aggressive than the different alien races.

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Just waiting for the 2 weeks to be up. I really want to make a daddit and maybe cringepics. Some others might come to mind as I'm here longer.

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I'm waiting for my 2 weeks too. Hoping to create some subs of interest :)

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Would love a cringe/cringepics sub here with more leniency a la CringeAnarchy pre-mde takeover. I'm not brave enough to moderate myself but I'll be a user as soon as someone else makes one

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Could you describe that for me? I didn't know about that place before or how things changed.

Looking at it right now, just seems like a shittier version of tumblrinaction where "politics OP disagrees with" = Cringe. Oh and sometimes a meme? And I'm confused on if they agree with the meme or not...but the rules say it needs to be cringe so I guess they don't?

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This place is actually still kinda tiny and very focused on Reddit right now, which is pretty much understandable. When I look at the list of subs, there's already subs for all sorts of things but the front page is very political and focused on the issue of censorship right now.

I've been attracted here mainly because I'm looking for a place free from the style of moderation and administration that we've all come to know and hate from Reddit, where people can just be who they are and say what they want without needing to constantly look over their shoulders, so to speak. And it looks like this place offers that.

I think the things that I'd like to see would just take time once this place settles more into its own groove. Niche subs: DC Comics, pro wrestling, odd movie fandoms like Alien or Hellraiser, odd random stuff like hmmm or cursed_images. I think that social media has largely burnt me out on politics and drama over the years and while I think it's good to be serious some of the time, it's never good to be serious all of the time. But I'm happy to stick around while this place goes through its "I just found out about this place from Reddit" phase to see where it goes. Besides, I just found out about this place from Reddit too.

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I definitely see what you're saying. I think it's natural for us all to come over and share our experiences and frustrations with Reddit, but, like you, I'm hoping to settle down in some communities here.

I'm trying to do my part in that.

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Yeah I'd like to do that too. I'm not really the kind of person to be a moderator so I don't think I'll be creating any subs soon but I'll gladly participate if they exist. I'm really just still looking around though, arrived here about 12 hours ago and I've scrolled around in hot and new once it twice but haven't joined done any deep exploring yet.

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Where did you go? Why did you delete this account?

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I was already starting to dislike my username, so I thought I'd just keep it simple and rather make a new account now while I still had like only four comments.

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Oh, okay! Glad to see you are still around. I really was trying to figure out what could have happened so soon.

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I've also gotten a bit burnt out on the political focus of this site before.

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I really want to see subs for Copyleft, Free Culture, Libre, Manga, Roleplaying Games, Zines, Left-libertarianism, Mutualism, Individualist Anarchism, etc.

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All those sound awesome. One for Board Games would be cool too.

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yup, I also plan on making a sub for solo gaming, as in playing tabletop RPGs, Board games, Card games, miniatures skirmish wargaming solo as in 1 player. also, what about 3d printing, Libreart, Cats, Secular Pro-Life/ Pro-Life Feminism, Retrogaming, herbal smoking, Solutions to world problems in the Corbett Report, Media Monarchy, and Conscious Resistance spirits.

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Sounds cool. Especially 3D Printing

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I want a manga subsaidit.

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I belonged to a few very controversial subs, two of which have been banned. I also lurked in such subs as r/letsnotmeet, r/creepyencounters, r/earthporn, and r/morbidreality. Not sure I'd want to moderate, but I sure wouldn't mind seeing similar subs here.

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More motorsport subsaidits would be awesome, definitely will create INDYCAR ones later.

I'm very active at /r/INDYCAR.

Also, I will create some anime-related subsaidits.

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I made /s/changemyview here, that was always one of my favorite subreddits. Some of the moderation I thought was pretty subjective and arbitrary though, like most subreddits.

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Huh, I didn't know there was weird moderation at CMV. I'm not surprised.

I actually don't totally know the mod "rules" over here, I need to look into it more.

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The Eddsworld subreddit.

Would love to see a subsaidit. (Yeah, I'll refer to them as subsaidits. Force of habit from Reddit, Carried over to here.)

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I have two subs I'm going to start but don't know how.

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Your account has to be two weeks old :) and then you can make 1/week after that

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Wait 2 weeks