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I thought it was hard to ignore 2 years ago tbh, but what they're doing now is just insane. But I knew it would come, they're trapped on a corporate profit-based path, and that only has one result. They're going to go the way of

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Maybe you could add to the canary that you won't sell, much less sell out. Maybe also add that you'd rather let this SaidIt experiment crash than sell out and let the donations/market speak. That's up to you of course, but it'd be reassuring. You might also consider transparently publishing your expenses for SaidIt whatever they may be, redacting what you see fit for security and anonymity, maybe in a locked wiki.

So I've asked Corbett a couple times if he wants his coin back. Again: No reply as expected. I also told him back when where I'd spend his gift. I don't have a lot and it's not much, but at least it's for a good cause. Otherwise I'd just by some ketamine (too much bother) or a new hard drive or keep sitting on it.

My Bitcoin Core has caught up. I trust your keys are in order. If not, it will be lost to the Universe. I also have some NameCoin to donate. You can sit on it for a few years like I did until you decide to convert it or actually adopt a ZeroNet address.

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Yes, all the addresses we have are up to date for our cryptocurrency donation page, I double-checked them recently. Maybe you can try sending a very small amount and verify if you're worried about it getting lost, I can verify that I received it.

This is of course if you want to donate, which is up to you. I appreciate you thinking of us.