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Perhaps free speech but with quality enforcement. You really cannot debate and discuss if someone jumps on a table and starts shouting "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER" loudly.

Yes exactly. We want to try and hit the middle ground between reddit's censorship, and voat's too-open takeover. I think we're doing a pretty decent job so far, but I imagine it will get tough at moments in the future.

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Quick question, as the site gets bigger - how exactly are you going to recruit more admins? Does the site make any money? If you don't then do you expect admins to work on a voluntarily basis? I'm just wondering, because as you've mentioned it's going to get quite tough to moderate with this idea in mind.

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We don't have a plan to recruit more admins. It's something I would take extremely seriously, I can guarantee you that. And it would be a ways out.

Everyone is working for free (or at a loss, actually, since I'm paying everything out-of-pocket) and then there are some donations coming in to help make up the difference, which are much appreciated. You can read more here:

But essentially it's a non-profit, running at a loss or just breaking even, for the benefit of the community.

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That's pretty awesome but rough at the same time. You're gonna go through some hard times, friend. Hopefully you'll be able to attract people that donate consistently, when I start working again I'll start chipping in too! Will there be ways to donate via paypal? Patreon seems to make me use my debit card and bitcoin is hard to obtain sometimes in my situation.

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Thanks for thinking of us, we'd appreciate any extra help. We're getting $39 a month, every month, on our patreon. And our total costs are about $55/mo, so it's not too bad really at the moment! And we've gone to great lengths to keep the monthly cost as low as possible. Contrast this to, who re-wrote the whole site in .NET C# and now is required to pay five thousand dollars a month in azure licensing fees just to exist, before even talking about any server costs at all. We are learning from their mistakes. We are all about streamlining this for longevity.

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Contrast this to, who re-wrote the whole site in .NET C# and now is required to pay five thousand dollars a month in azure licensing fees just to exist

Why did they do that?

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Hell if I know. They probably thought it was going to protect them, or they wanted control over the development to do it in their own style. Who knows. They definitely made a huge blunder though.